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In today’s increasingly health-conscious society, the desire to diet, exercise and keep fit as part of a healthier lifestyle has never been greater. 



At BMI Australia we recognise the need and desire in the majority of Australians to monitor weight and BMI and work to fulfil that need by providing public facilities to do so.


The personal weighing machine has always held a fascination to children and adults alike. As such it is a valuable customer facility, in addition to being a serious revenue earner.


Our scales incorporate automatic weight and height measurement, calculate the user’s body mass index (BMI) and records the information on to the customer’s personalised print-out.


For the store owner, they will instantly turn a very small space into cash.  In many retail locations a scale has proved to be the most profitable square foot of sales space. The highly luminous LEDs on the height bar attract customers from a distance to the scale.





At Body Metric Instruments Australia our profit share scheme is the simplest and most cost-effective way of you having one our quality scales at your business. You pay nothing at all to us.

We install the machine in your premises, you provide the space and your normal level of professional service and watch the profits come in.


All machinery is placed on a 6, 12 or 24 month contract.


You can trust BMIA to work with you to provide excellence in customer service as well as a highly profitable joint venture with no initial outlay for the store owner.


Percentages are based on length of contract and geographical location. We are serious about locations and will carefully consider each placement.


For more details on a machine for your location, please contact us.

Heathy Body. Healthy Business

 ABOUT BMI Australia

All inclusive

All inclusive

Installation, calibration maintenance and insurance at no extra cost.

Quality service

Quality service

Providing ongoing quality service from the day of installation.

Bring customers to you

Bring customers to you

Increase foot traffic to your business

Generous profit share

Generous profit share

Machinery provided on generous profit share basis

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