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The Hennebont is a beautifully designed scale and is an attractive addition to any environment this machine measures and calculates  weight height and body mass index (bmi).


Hennebont features     

  • weight measurement

  • height measurement

  • calculation of body mass index (bmi)

  • calculation of ideal weight

  • LED graphic screen

  • thermal printer

  • highly luminous led's on the height bar (draws customers from a distance)

  • height measurement range: 100-200cmminimum division: 0.5cm

  • weight measurement range: 8-200kgminimum division: 0.1kg

  • 237cm (height) x 34.6cm (width) x 55.3cm (depth)

  • power usage 10w in standy 20 w in use


Recommended for pharmacies, retail locations, golf clubs etc


All inclusive

All inclusive

Installation, calibration maintenance and insurance at no extra cost.

Quality service

Quality service

Providing ongoing quality service from the day of installation.

Bring customers to you

Bring customers to you

Increase foot traffic to your business

Generous profit share

Generous profit share

Machinery provided on generous profit share basis

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